RecordCollectionBase Class Members

The following tables list the members exposed by RecordCollectionBase.

Public Properties
Public PropertyCountReturns the number of records in the collection (read-only)  
Public PropertyDataPresenterReturns the associated DataPresenterBase control  
Public PropertyFieldLayoutReturns the field layout of the items in the collection (read-only)  
Public PropertyItemThe record at the specified zero-based index (read-only)  
Public PropertyParentDataRecordReturns the DataRecord that is the parent of the ParentRecord or null (read-only)  
Public PropertyParentRecordReturns the parent record of the collection (read-only)  
Public PropertyParentRecordManagerReturns the owner's record manager (read-only)  
Public PropertySummaryResultsReturns a collection summary calculation results for record data from this record collection.  
Public Methods
Public MethodCollapseAllOverloaded. Collapses all records.  
Public MethodContainsReturns true if the record is in the collection  
Public MethodCopyToCopies all the records in the collection into an array  
Public MethodExpandAllOverloaded. Expands all records.  
Public MethodIndexOfReturns the zero-based index of the record in the collection  
Public MethodRefreshSortSorts the records based on the current sort criteria.  
Protected Methods
Protected Internal MethodDirtyFixedRecordOrderFor internal use only  
Protected Internal MethodOnCollectionChangedOverloaded. Raises the CollectionChanged event  
Protected Internal MethodOnPropertyChangedRaises the PropertyChanged event  
Protected MethodSortGroupByRecordsSorts the groupby records in the collection  
Public Events
Public EventCollectionChangedOccurs when a changes are made to the colleciton, i.e. records are added, removed or the entire collection is reset.  
Public EventPropertyChangedRaised when a property has changed  
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