RecordManager Class Members

The following tables list the members exposed by RecordManager.

Public Properties
Public PropertyCurrentReturns the currently displayed collection of records.  
Public PropertyCurrentAddRecordReturns the current add record for this manager  
Public PropertyDataPresenterReturns the owning DataPresenterBase object (read-only)  
Public PropertyDataSourceAllowsAddNewReturns true if the data source supports adding records (read-only)  
Public PropertyDataSourceAllowsDeleteReturns true if the data source supports deleting records (read-only)  
Public PropertyDataSourceAllowsEditReturns true if the data source supports editing cells (read-only)  
Public PropertyFieldReturns the parent field if any (read-only).  
Public PropertyFilteredInDataItemsReturns collection of data items from the data list that match the current filter criteria in the DataPresenter.  
Public PropertyGroupsReturns a read-only collection of GroupByRecords.  
Public PropertyHasGroupsReturns true if the records are grouped (read-only)  
Public PropertyHasMultipleFieldLayoutsReturns true if the root level records are associated with more than 1 FieldLayout (read-only)  
Public PropertyIsSortedReturns true if the records have been sorted by the data presenter.  
Public PropertyParentDataRecordReturns the DataRecord that is the parent of the ParentRecord or null (read-only)  
Public PropertyParentRecordReturns the parent ExpandableFieldRecord or null (read-only)  
Public PropertyRecordFiltersSpecifies the filter criteria with which to filter recods.  
Public PropertySortedReturns a read-only collection of DataRecords in their sorted order.  
Public PropertySourceItemsReturns the underlying collection that provides the items for the RecordManager.  
Public PropertyUnsortedReturns a read only collection of DataRecords in their original unsorted order.  
Protected Properties
Protected PropertyHasListeners (Inherited from Infragistics.PropertyChangeNotifier)
Public Methods
Public MethodCommitAddRecordCommits the add-record to the data source.  
Public MethodGetCrossFieldRecordFiltersGets a CrossFieldRecordFilterGroup containing a logical operator and a collection of filters for the specified FieldLayout.  
Public MethodGetFilteredInDataRecordsReturns data records that pass record filter conditions.  
Public MethodGetFilteredOutDataRecordsReturns data records that do not pass record filter conditions.  
Public MethodGetRecordFiltersResolvedReturns the RecordFilterCollection that will affect the specified FieldLayout's fields for records in this RecordManager instance.  
Public MethodResetDataValueHistoryRemoves all data value change history (except for the latest value) for all Cells in all Records within this RecordManager.  
Public MethodSetCrossFieldRecordFiltersSets a CrossFieldRecordFilterGroup containing a logical operator and a collection of filters for the specified FieldLayout.  
Protected Methods
Protected MethodOnFirstListenerAdding (Inherited from Infragistics.PropertyChangeNotifier)
Protected MethodOnHasListenersChanged (Inherited from Infragistics.PropertyChangeNotifier)
Protected MethodOnPropertyChanged (Inherited from Infragistics.PropertyChangeNotifier)
Protected MethodRaisePropertyChangedEvent (Inherited from Infragistics.PropertyChangeNotifier)
Public Events
Public EventPropertyChanged (Inherited from Infragistics.PropertyChangeNotifier)
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