DisplayCharsEditSection Class Members

The following tables list the members exposed by DisplayCharsEditSection.

Public Properties
Public PropertyDisplayCharsReturns the display characters of this section. (Inherited from Infragistics.Windows.Editors.SectionBase)
Public PropertyNextEditSectionReturns the next edit section, skipping any literal sections. (Inherited from Infragistics.Windows.Editors.SectionBase)
Public PropertyNextLiteralSectionReturns the next literal section, skipping any edit sections. (Inherited from Infragistics.Windows.Editors.SectionBase)
Public PropertyNextSectionReturns the next section. (Inherited from Infragistics.Windows.Editors.SectionBase)
Public PropertyOrientationOverridden. indicates whether this section is a right-to-left edit section (number section) or a left-to-right (regular edit sections)  
Public PropertyPreviousEditSectionReturns the previous edit section. (Inherited from Infragistics.Windows.Editors.SectionBase)
Public PropertyPreviousLiteralSectionReturns the previous literal section, skipping any edit sections. (Inherited from Infragistics.Windows.Editors.SectionBase)
Public PropertyPreviousSectionFinds the previous section. (Inherited from Infragistics.Windows.Editors.SectionBase)
Public PropertySectionsReturns the sections collection this section belongs to. (Inherited from Infragistics.Windows.Editors.SectionBase)
Protected Properties
Protected PropertyHasListeners (Inherited from Infragistics.PropertyChangeNotifier)
Public Methods
Public MethodGetTextReturns the text for this section. (Inherited from Infragistics.Windows.Editors.SectionBase)
Public MethodSetTextOverridden. Assigns the text to the section. Call to this method with an invalid text will result in an exception.  
Public MethodValidateSectionOverloaded. Overridden. checks to see if the so far input chars in the section satisfy the input requirement for the section  
Public MethodValidateStringOverridden. Checks if str is a valid string for this section. Either returns itself or returns a modified string that is to be displayed. Returns false to indicate that validation failed  
Protected Methods
Protected MethodOnFirstListenerAdding (Inherited from Infragistics.PropertyChangeNotifier)
Protected MethodOnHasListenersChanged (Inherited from Infragistics.PropertyChangeNotifier)
Protected MethodOnPropertyChanged (Inherited from Infragistics.PropertyChangeNotifier)
Protected MethodRaisePropertyChangedEvent (Inherited from Infragistics.PropertyChangeNotifier)
Protected MethodSafeDisplayCharAtReturns character in DisplayChars collection at index. (Inherited from Infragistics.Windows.Editors.EditSectionBase)
Public Events
Public EventPropertyChanged (Inherited from Infragistics.PropertyChangeNotifier)
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