Configuring the Behavior on User Input (xamMultiColumnComboEditor)

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This topic describes how to configure the executed action when the user types and after that hits 'Enter' key in the input text field in the xamMultiColumnComboEditor™ control.

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This topic describes how to add a xamMultiColumnComboEditor control to your application and use some of its properties.

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Configuring the Behavior on User Input


Configure the behavior of the xamMultiColumnComboEditor when a user types in the input text field using the CustomValueEnteredAction property.

By default, this property is set to Ignore and typing text in the input text field results in filtering the xamMultiColumnComboEditor items.

Property settings

The following table maps the desired behavior to the property settings that manage it.

In order to: Use this property: And set it to:

Add the user typed text to the underlying ItemsSource and the new entry to become valid data for selection.


Allow the user to type text but this text will not be included in the items collection.


Prevent the user from typing invalid data. The user typed text is considered as a filter value.



The screenshot below demonstrates how the xamMultiColumnComboEditor behaves as a result of the following settings:

Property Value



Configuring the Behavior on User Input 1.png

Following is the code that implements this example.


<ig:XamMultiColumnComboEditor x:Name="MultiColumnComboEditor"
                              ItemsSource="{Binding Path=Products}"
                              Height="30" Width="300"
        <ig:TextComboColumn Key="ProductName"/>
        <ig:TextComboColumn Key="UnitsInStock"/>

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