About xamColorPicker

The xamColorPicker™ control is an editor that allows your end users to select a color from a pre-defined palette of colors. The control exposes the palette inside a drop-down container and as well as containing a pre-defined palette, it also allows you to define your own custom set of palettes. The value returned by the xamColorPicker control is the selected color.

Key Features

Custom Palettes – The xamColorPicker control allows you to define your own palettes if the one provided is not suitable for your application.

Fully Customizable – The layout and display of the xamColorPicker control is fully customizable. You can style the control, and you can change the palette text or even change the visibility of the palette.

Color Models – The xamColorPicker control supports the RGB, CMYK and HLS color models.

xamColorPicker About xamColorPicker 01.png