Generating Fields Manually Versus Automatically

The DataPresenter controls provide two ways to define Fields:

  • Automatic

  • Manual

With either option you can still define unbound fields. You can also work with the FieldLayout to control the Fields shown, and the order in which you want to show them. For more information, see Fields.


In the case that you leave AutoGenerateFields equal to True, the control scans the bound data source and generates the appropriate Fields for each public property in the data source. Fields are automatically included in a Field collection as they are created.


In the case that you set AutoGenerateFields equal to False, you have to define the Fields and the FieldLayouts that contain the Fields. The following XAML shows how to set this property for the xamDataGrid. It would be similar for the xamDataCarousel, and xamDataPresenter.


    <igDP:FieldLayoutSettings AutoGenerateFields="False" />