Record Manager

The Record Manager is responsible for Data Record management. It coordinates data between the Data Source and the record collections used by the Ultimate UI for WPF controls derived from the DataPresenterBase class.

diagram to help explain the record manager

The Record Manager performs its duties by listening to your data source’s implementation of the INotifyCollectionChanged or IBindingList interface. It then manages three collections of records, which it exposes through its Groups, Sorted, and Unsorted properties. It raises events on these collections to keep their data records in sync through their implementation of the INotifyCollectionChanged interface.

All Data Records maintain a reference to its Record Manager. You can also obtain a reference to the root (top-level) records collection from the control using its RecordManager property. Expandable Field Records expose a ChildRecordManager property to the Record Manager of their child records collection. GroupBy Records contain only data records that have already been grouped; therefore it does not need to expose a Record Manager for its child records collection.