Theory of Operation

DataPresenterBase is an abstract base class for the xamDataCarousel™, xamDataGrid™, xamTreeGrid™, xamDataCards™, and xamDataPresenter™ controls.

The following list describes how the controls are rendering data:

  • xamDataCarousel - presents data in a carousel view following a specified path.

  • xamDataGrid - presents data in a conventional grid view.

  • xamTreeGrid - presents data in a "tree-grid" view, which basically consists of a grid view with one special "tree field" which is used to represent the hierarchical data bound to the control.

  • xamDataCards - presents only flat data using "cards" similar to the Contacts folder in Microsoft® Outlook 2007.

  • xamDataPresenter - exposes a pluggable view architecture for extending its presentation beyond the predetermined views provided by the other controls (listed above). The xamDataPresenter control also supports switching between views at run time.

However, all controls from the Data Presenter family (listed above) share a common theory of operation. The DataPresenterBase class provides the following four essential functions:

  • Binding to data, analyzing its structure, and generating FieldLayouts that correspond to that structure.

  • Coordinating with the view to generate cell layouts to represent each DataRecord.

  • Listening for changes that originate from the data source and synchronizing the control so that it matches.

  • Facilitating user updates to the data through the UI (e.g., adding new records, deleting existing records, and editing cell values).

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