About xamMultiColumnComboEditor

Control Configuration Overview

The xamMultiColumnComboEditor control is a cross platform XAML control that is available in separate WPF assemblies. As is true of all combobox type editors, the xamMultiColumnComboEditor control is a selection control which features a drop-down list that is shown or hidden by clicking on the control arrow.

xamMultiCCE About 1.png

A number of properties of the control are available to make working with the simple to configure and use. The DisplayMemberPath property determines which field is shown when users make a selection. Both single and multiple selection modes are supported which are configured through the AllowMultipleSelection property.

The advantage of using the xamMultiColumnComboEditor control over the xamComboEditor control is that it can display more information for each data item (beyond just the data in the DisplayMemberPath field) using multiple grid-like columns. The control supports all the basic columns types including:


You can set the AutoGenerateColumns property to False and add columns of these types manually (in the code behind or in the XAML) or you can leave it to True and let the control handle the column generation.


By design, the xamMultiColumnComboEditor control can’t be bound to a collection of primitive types.

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