CategoryChartType Enumeration

Describes available types of data visualizations in the Category Chart
public enum CategoryChartType : System.Enum 
AreaSpecifies category area series
AutoSpecifies automatic selection of chart type based on suggestions from Data Adapter
ColumnSpecifies category column chart with vertical rectangles at each data point
LineSpecifies category line series with markers at each data point
PointSpecifies category point chart with markers at each data point
SplineSpecifies category spline line series with markers at each data point
SplineAreaSpecifies category spline area series
StepAreaSpecifies category step area chart
StepLineSpecifies category step line chart
WaterfallSpecifies category waterfall chart

Target Platforms: Android 4.4+, iOS 8+

Development Environments: Visual Studio 2015+, Visual Studio for Mac Preview, Xamarin for Visual Studio 4.2+

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