The XamSparkline™ is a lightweight charting control that can render the following chart types:

  • Line

  • Area

  • Column

  • Win/Loss

It is intended for rendering in a small scale layout such as a grid Cell. It can also be rendered stand alone. The following previews illustrate the four Sparkline types.


Sparkline Overview 1.png


Sparkline Overview 2.png


Sparkline Overview 3.png


Sparkline Overview 4.png

The following topics provide additional information related to this topic.

This topic provides an overview of the XamSparkline control, its benefits, and the supported chart types.

This topic demonstrates, with code examples, how to add the XamSparkline control to a page and in the grid cell.

This topic provides an overview of the possible ways to configure the XamSparkline control. Links to the detailed configurations (available in separate topics) are provided as well.

This topic explains the featured properties of the XamSparkline control.