Multi-Currency Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which currency will my order be billed in?

Your order (except for classroom training, which will be billed in the currency applicable to the country in which the training takes place) will be billed in a currency based on where you are based, to reflect, as closely as we can, the most logical currency choice.

  • Members of the EU, Switzerland and smaller countries surrounded by the EU will be billed in Euros.
  • UK and Gibraltar customers will be billed in GBP.
  • All other customers will be billed in USD.

VAT FAQ (applies to EU Customers Only)

Licenses and online training:

  1. All UK customers will have VAT at the current UK VAT rate added to the their order (currently 17.5%).
  2. Other EU customers will have UK VAT added to their order, UNLESS they:
    • EITHER provide a valid VAT number.
    • OR declare that ordered licenses or services will ONLY be used for business purposes.

Classroom training:

  1. All training classes held in the UK will have UK VAT added to the price.
  2. VAT will not be added to the classroom training price for other countries.
    • VAT Number used for all VAT charges: GB 806 5575 18