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Business-Minded jQuery Dashboards and How to Build Them

Get ready to see your business statistics in a whole new way, with our Marketing Analytics dashboard. Built with our jQuery controls, this application is more than just visual data; it’s actionable data. And we’ve got everything you need to create one for yourself: webinars, source code, how-to-videos, and more.

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What makes a dashboard effective? How much data should you show, and where do you put it? Where do you even begin? Infragistics UX Practice Director, Tobias Komischke shows you exactly how to create these smart dashboards for yourself in our latest webinar: How to Design Effective Dashboards.

Get Started on your dashboard with our How-To-Videos

Our easy-to-follow video tutorials are packed with everything you need to get your app up and running. Take a look!

Bring Your App to life with our UX Services team

Anyone can throw together a bunch of data and call it a dashboard. But when you need to find real insight in your information, trust the UX Services team at Infragistics.
Our designers, developers, and UX experts don’t just help you solve problems – they help you build amazing dashboards that move your business forward.
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