Class IgxNavbarComponent

Ignite UI for Angular Navbar - Documentation

The Ignite UI Navbar is most commonly used to provide an app header with a hamburger menu and navigation state such as a "Go Back" button. It also supports other actions represented by icons.


<igx-navbar title="Sample App" actionButtonIcon="menu">



action: EventEmitter<IgxNavbarComponent> = ...

The event that will be thrown when the action is executed, provides reference to the IgxNavbar component as argument

public actionExc(event){
alert("Action Execute!");
<igx-navbar (action)="actionExc($event)" title="Sample App" actionButtonIcon="menu">
actionButtonIcon: string

Sets the icon of the IgxNavbarComponent.

<igx-navbar [title]="currentView" actionButtonIcon="arrow_back"></igx-navbar>
id: string = ...

Sets the value of the id attribute. If not provided it will be automatically generated.

<igx-navbar [id]="'igx-navbar-12'" title="Sample App" actionButtonIcon="menu">
title: string

Sets the title of the IgxNavbarComponent.

<igx-navbar title="Sample App" actionButtonIcon="menu">
titleId: string = ...

Sets the titleId of the IgxNavbarComponent. If not set it will be automatically generated.

<igx-navbar [titleId]="'igx-navbar-7'" title="Sample App" actionButtonIcon="menu">


  • get isActionButtonVisible(): boolean
  • Returns whether the IgxNavbarComponent action button is visible, true/false.

    public navBar: IgxNavbarComponent;
    let actionButtonVisibile = this.navBar.isActionButtonVisible;

    Returns boolean

  • set isActionButtonVisible(value): void
  • Sets whether the action button of the IgxNavbarComponent is visible.

    <igx-navbar [title]="currentView" [isActionButtonVisible]="'false'"></igx-navbar>


    • value: boolean

    Returns void