Angular Essentials

Angular Essentials

Getting Started with Angular Essentials Tutorial

Angular is a widely used web application platform and framework created and maintained by Google. It serves as a total rewrite to AngularJS and the "Angular" name is meant to include all versions of the framework starting from 2 and up.

TypeScript is the core of Angular, being the language upon which Angular is written. As such, Angular implements major and core functionalities like TypeScript libraries while building client applications with additional HTML.

For a variety of reasons, Angular has grown in popularity among developers. It is easy to maintain with its component and class-based system, modular building, hierarchical structure, and simple, declarative templates. Furthermore, its cross-platform capabilities are advantageous to enterprise and SMB developers, including its speed with server-side rendering.

This Quick Angular Essentials Guide will go over the essential pieces of Angular and the main concepts behind working with the ever-growing platform for web-based applications.

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