Battelle Helps Government Make More Informed Decisions

Since 1929, Battelle Memorial Institute has focused on advancing science and technology to deliver major benefits to society. Today, they are the largest non-profit research organization in the world.

Battelle strives to provide accurate data to their end users through web-based and desktop applications. Easily making sense of the rich data in these reports is critical to decision-making, such as predicting the likelihood and potential impact of a terrorist event. This analysis helps the agency prioritize funding and asset allocation.

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The Challenge

Battelle needs to deliver thorough, informative reports in models that agency staff can easily turn to for the latest information on any device, on potential events and ways to mitigate them. In the past, Battelle generated 1,000-page reports each time their clients needed a threat assessment. The reports took weeks to compile, there was no way to see what would happen if a variable changed; clients could not interact with the models or the data.

They needed a solution that could not only support processing the large datasets quickly, but also one that its developers could adopt quickly and easily to build credible models of various scenarios.

The Solution

Battelle has leveraged the Ultimate UI controls for WPF and Ignite UI’s modern web tools, both found in Infragistics Ultimate, to create its assessments via desktop and web apps that calculate the potential of injuries for a situation. It takes the variables; whether it is a food contamination or an airborne agent; it is indoor or outdoor; or how the public health systems would need to react, to produce that assessment.

For instance, DHS may come to Battelle after receiving a tip that a particular threat is likely and Battelle will provide models on the threat, its potential severity and its impact.

“We help our clients sort of parse all these risk results,” he noted, explaining that the client can plug their own data into the models to ascertain how the level of risk changes with different input.

We wanted to make it easier to access and interact with the data. Our applications provide seamless access as part of a client’s daily schedule. The ability to play with the models gives them confidence they’re getting the information that they need.

Patrick Wilson – CBRNE Defense Hazard Modeling Mgr., Battelle

The Benefits

In the big picture, the overall assessments help the government agencies prioritize not only their resources, but other resources in the government as to where to best spend their money.

With the help of Infragistics’ Ignite UI, Battelle has created a web app that helps their clients calculate a potential scenario that they not only can interact with, but also can share securely with other stakeholders.

Before Infragistics, Battelle needed weeks to generate 1,000-page reports each time their clients needed an assessment, now the company delivers interactive models in days.

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