Customer Story: Project Thunder

BidMagic Lights Up The Trade Shows With Project Thunder

Project Thunder has provided custom software development services for desktop, mobile, and the Web for more than a decade. Known as the “fix it” people of the development world, ProjectThunder has developed and implemented world-class internet software solutions that have generated results for clients. The team consists of seasoned veterans with more than 100 years of collective experience.

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The Challenge

Project Thunder’s clients come to them with very high expectations of their solutions’ presentation and UI features but not much budget to develop those features. And while Visual Studio comes with a set of basic controls, it becomes the responsibility of the developer to provide innovative UI solutions.

In the past, Project Thunder CEO and Co-Founder Calvin Luttrell used Infragistics to build a sales application for 800Dentist, that was wildly successful at solving complex business problems but also performed very well in demo situations thanks to its appealing design. “It made my boss look good, which in turn was good for me,” says Luttrell. “As we encountered clients looking for Windows Forms applications we went directly to Infragistics for a subscription.”

So when Project Thunder was contacted by BidMagic, who was looking to take its VB 6.0 interface and rebuild it in .NET while providing users a beautiful new UI that would display well on the trade show floor, Luttrell immediately thought of Infragistics.

Unlike many projects, this was a shrink-wrap-ready product, meaning it would not just be used by one company with IT staff , but rather by end users who expect a high level of reliability across devices with no IT help. To do this, Infragistics provided a reliable, easily deployable solution that worked across thousands of computers from XP to Windows 8.1.

The Solution

To accomplish this, Infragistics provided Project Thunder with a MDI Container, Toolbar, Gantt Controls, Drop Down grid selection, and other UI controls to be used throughout the final application – BidMagic – to give users a great experience.

And since the initial rollout, upgrading over and over through the years has caused little to no problems thanks to Infragistics’ solid release schedule and support team. Updates and patches have been applied without fear or causing complications or problems to the end product.

Through their planning process, Project Thunder documented the app’s screens and proposed functionality for the customer, and by using an iterative process, BidMagic continues to grow and improve to this day.

Using Infragistics gives you leading edge tools users expect and get excited about. Applications with Infragistics controls demo better to decision makers and important clients creating more success, and learning to use the tools is especially easy thanks to demo applications and sample code available right from the start.

Calvin Luttrell, CEO/Co-Founder, Project Thunder

The Benefits

Since its implementation, BidMagic has become a clear leader in the industry with its competitive price and intuitive UI, and it keeps improving with each new version as well, with the recent addition of a tablet mode control that will make BidMagic more accessible for a new generation of touch devices.

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