Bundling Commands for Quicker Deployment

ROVABU Software BV is an ISV (independent software vendor) specializing in developing products for IT Professionals and providing solutions and expertise for Windows Application Deployment.

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The Challenge

Finding and defining installation parameters for deploying Windows applications is one of the most time consuming and troublesome tasks that systems administrators undertake. Without a viable automated solution available in the marketplace, this process can take four to eight hours or longer, depending on the number of steps required and quantity of machines the application needs to be deployed to. Frequent application updates further exacerbate the problem, as administrators can spend half a day or longer simply determining how the setup works. ROVABU Software envisioned a better way. Using Infragistics’ controls, ROVABU closed the gap by developing a functional automated tool that creates Windows Bundles using a simple and intuitive method.

The Solution

ROVABU Software developed the Bundle Commander software for Novell ZENworks Configuration Management. Bundle Commander reduces the cost associated with application management by automating the manual steps required that have to be repeated to deploy each new application. “We’ve been users of Infragistics’ controls since 2006,” said Roel van Bueren, Owner of ROVABU Software. “The stability of their controls and speed at which filtering and grouping can be accomplished drove the decision to use Infragistics in developing Bundle Commander.”

The simple user interface of Bundle Commander has been a key feature enjoyed by our customers.

Roel van Bueren, Owner of ROVABU Software

The Benefits

Bundle Commander successfully decreases the time needed for systems administrators to deploy Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, Novell, and other applications. “The simple user interface of Bundle Commander has been a key feature enjoyed by our customers,” shared van Bueren.

Bundle Commander has achieved wide success and received positive accolades from senior IT Managers with 2,500+ seats. Large universities, some with between 30,000 and 40,000 seats, are researching using the tool to help cut IT costs associated with application management. With the help of Infragistics’ controls, ROVABU is currently developing new applications and seeks to continue the forward momentum in finding efficient and cost-saving solutions for systems administrators.

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