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TEG Analytics Helps Customers Get To Their Data Faster

Gaining immediate access to actionable intelligence is critical for businesses to stay ahead in their market. TEG Analytics, a 4th generation analytics consulting firm, helps businesses make transformational improvements by providing business intelligence solutions so that their clients can spend more time focusing on key decision making, rather than sorting out the complexities of data visualization. TEG Analytics offers hassle free platforms that allow users to analyze complex trends, identify patterns, and make comparisons between different business choices, enabling them to make intelligent decisions in sales, merchandizing, and retail operations.

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The Challenge

TEG Analytics was approached by a Fortune 500 company in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry to develop a comprehensive, interactive data dashboard that could enable a single-window analysis of all their key performance metrics across all of their digital media vehicles. Their requirements for the product included an intuitive, user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing interface that could allow business users to bring their data to life, and slice and dice the data needed to answer business questions on the fly. TEG Analytics’ 2nd generation tool for dashboard creation was unable to meet the specifications required by the client, particularly on the need for a visually appealing user interface. To win their client’s business, TEG Analytics needed to give their tool a makeover. “We believe data repositories hold many stories about the business. Infragistics helped us bring those stories alive from our clients’ data” Arvind Nagpal Founder, TEG Analytics.

The Solution

In order to meet the visual and functional requirements of their Fortune 500 client, TEG Analytics chose Infragistics’ Ultimate to provide the following elements:

  • Stock Dashboard Template
  • SilverlightData Grid
  • Silverlight Pie Chart
  • XAM Bullet Graph

We believe data repositories hold many stories about the business. Infragistics helped us bring those stories to life from our clients’ data.

Arvind Nagpal, Founder, TEG Analytics

The Benefits

TEG Analytics developed a pilot product fulfilling the client requirements in a four week time period, instead of the 8-10 weeks originally estimated without the Infragistics tool set. “We also used 30% fewer man-hours,” shared Arpan Gupta, Head of Product Development for TEG Analytics. “The Infragistics India team was extremely helpful during the pilot phase in showing us how to navigate through the tool and demonstrating samples that allowed us to quickly integrate the desired functionality.” Most importantly, the visual appeal won TEG Analytics a new client account worth $500,000 in yearly revenues. TEG Analytics continues to use several Infragistics toolsets to save time, reduce costs, and deliver a visually appealing product as they develop the final analytics tool for their client.

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