4 Reasons for a Digital Product Design Platform

Illustration showing the cost of changes to design once product is released.

The New Whiteboard for Digital Product Teams

"Application leaders must understand the key features of digital product design platforms and deploy a tool to cover everything from screen design to code generation."Gartner, Technology Insight for Digital Product Design Platforms, Nov 24, 2020

Digital product design platforms have emerged as a core tool for digital product teams for the iterative design and development process, with capabilities including screen design, prototyping, collaboration with stakeholders, user testing and code generation. According to Gartner, in the era of remote work and distributed teams, real-time visual collaboration and co-editing are critical to innovation. Digital product design platforms are acting as the new whiteboard for the entire digital product team.

This paper will look at the 4 issues that teams usually face with digital product design:

  • Your tools do not work together
  • Starting new projects takes too much time
  • Teams productivity is low – no Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools
  • It takes too much time to update code or components from a design

It will also describe the recently released Indigo.Design App Builder, a new cloud-based WYSIWYG drag & drop tool that helps teams design and build complex business apps faster than ever before. App Builder is part of Indigo.Design, the world’s only digital product design platform with a complete design-to-code solution.

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