Calculate Your ROI With a Standard UI Toolkit

Increase Developer Productivity by 30% With a Standard UI Toolkit. See How Quickly You Recoup Your Investment With Our ROI Calculator.

Don’t let shrinking IT budgets affect your time to market. Many development teams are swamped trying to maintain existing application portfolios while adopting the newest technologies. The result: they are stretched too thin—reducing quality and productivity or slowing time to market.

Reduce your development time and cuts costs with a standard UI toolkit that provides pre-built controls and hundreds of tested features. Use the ROI Calculator in this whitepaper to see how quickly your savings pays for your investment.

A standard UI toolkit:

  • Creates consistency across an enterprise
  • Delivers a beautiful, coherent UX
  • Lowers costs in testing, maintenance and training

Most companies see a return from the investment—recovering the cost of a toolkit such as Infragistics Ultimate—of between 10 and 25 days, depending on geographic region.

Read our whitepaper now and use our ROI Calculator to determine your ROI.

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