Use Data Storytelling to Turn Insights into Action

We Are Inundated With Data. But for the Most Part, Data by Itself Is Often Confusing or Unhelpful.

But what if you could use storytelling techniques to better communicate or improve the understanding of that data? What if it could help you spot trends or see opportunities in your marketing or product approaches?

This whitepaper looks at the idea of "story arc," the flow of good storytelling. It looks at how new data storytelling models from Gartner combined with new self-service BI tools open new vistas into your daily data.

You'll learn how:

  • Data storytelling builds on key concepts of storytelling
  • Data storytelling makes data relevant and powerful in business
  • New self-service BI tools are making it easier than ever to solve problems and uncover opportunities
  • Gartner's new data storytelling model offers an exciting approach to use data strategically

Use data storytelling to get new insights, drive influence in your organization, and better communicate your ideas—download this whitepaper now to learn how!

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