Ask These Questions of Your Embedded Analytics Vendor

More and more analytics vendors are offering embedded products. Some have experience with embedded analytics from the beginning, but others started with end-user analytics apps and have simply ported them to an embedded product. But this may be lacking in a few critical areas.

Even those who offered embedded analytics from the start, do they have years of experience designing elegant UI and understanding the needs of app developers? Does their product offer the ease-of-use, beautiful visualizations, native SDKs, mobile-first design, and much more that will excite your customers?

This Buyer’s Guide considers 7 important points that can enhance or diminish your app’s appeal, including:

  1. Is the App Experience Consistent on every Platform?
  2. Is it Built on Modern Technology and Native SDKs?
  3. Was it Purpose-Built for Embedded, or Ported from an App Version?
  4. Does it Offer a Great Mobile Experience?
  5. Is Pricing Clear?
  6. How Easy is it to Localize Your App?
  7. Can You View the Product Roadmap?

Download this Buyer’s Guide to be sure you’ve covered all your bases before you buy.

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