Survey Report: Top Software Development Challenges for 2023

Top Software Developmetn Challanges of 2023

Developer shortage remains a key challenge for the second year in a row, the 2023 Annual Software Developer Survey finds. 

Keeping pace with innovation in developer tools, managing workload, security threats, and project management are other major pain points for 2023. The survey also revealed that software developers continue to struggle with communication and collaboration tools in the new digital environment. 

To find out what obstacles faced developers in 2022 and bring to light their future challenges, we surveyed over 2,000 software developers and IT professionals to determine their biggest pain points, challenges, and areas for growth. 

The survey examined:  

  • How the industry is addressing the short supply of software developers  
  • The hardest-to-fill technical jobs  
  • How the industry is addressing communication/collaboration difficulties within remote and hybrid teams  
  • The burgeoning popularity of embedded analytics and business intelligence  
  • Momentum in 2022 and plans for growth in 2023 

This survey report analyzes our key findings on how software developers plan to address these challenges, adopt new tools and technologies, and deploy resources in order to thrive in 2023. 

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