Latest Trends in Embedded Analytics 2019

New Report Reveals Answers to Hot-button Issues Like Buy vs Build and the Business Value to Customers

What are the benefits that app development teams are seeing from embedding analytics, and how is it impacting the success of their customers? Which applications are proving most popular for embedding analytics?

With the embedded analytics market projected to reach $1.3B by 2023, we surveyed more than 475 software developers, IT managers, and business decision makers on the top issues they face. Our report captures their latest thinking.

Download this report to learn:

  1. Which applications are most popular for embedding analytics
  2. How embedding dashboards and visualizations are impacting decision making and productivity
  3. The shifting dynamics of the buy vs build decision
  4. Which technologies from data analytics to machine learning are of greatest interest

We answer these questions and more in our just published, Trends in Embedded Analytics report.

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