Infragistics Community Sponsorship Program

Is your user group looking to join up in a sponsorship? We're excited to help out groups with development and design focuses near and dear to our hearts.

What Would Your Group Get?

Product Licenses

Each group would receive four one-year licenses pertaining to .NET, Angular, JavaScript and/or UX design.

20% Off Promo Code

Your group would get a 20% off promotional code that would be applicable to all of our high-performance products.

Infragistics Swag

All sorts of swag, like Infragistics t-shirts, notebooks, pens, and buttons.

Gift Card

A gift card ranging from $75.00 to $250.00 to help out with some of the costs related to hosting your meetings.

What Are We Looking for in Return?

PowerPoint Slide

A quick slide at the beginning or ending of your meeting giving us a shout out for sponsoring the group.

Linkback to Us

Inclusion of our company copy, logo, and appropriate links on your group's website, blog, or Meetup page.

Social Media Promo

Social media posts, at least once a year, on either Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook so your group's organizer(s) can promote us and encourage others to follow us.

Follow-up Email

Send follow up emails to your members, after your meetups, with a few materials that we provide.

Ready to Work Together?