Webinar: Breaking Down Data Silos: Unifying Your Marketing Data

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Event Description

Scattered data across marketing channels like social media, email, campaigns, websites, creates data silos—isolated pockets of information that make it impossible for marketing teams to get the full picture. You’re left guessing at what’s working, wasting resources looking for fragmented data, and struggling to optimize campaigns for real results.

In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate the power of integrating your marketing data into a single platform to create comprehensive dashboards of your customer's journey. In addition, we will explore how you can improve your campaign by initiating data-driven team collaboration and action off your insights.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding Data Silos: The effects and challenges of data silos, including skewed insights, restricted campaign visibility, and inefficiencies in data collection processes.
  • Integrated Insights with Slingshot: How integrating data into a centralized platform like Slingshot provides a comprehensive view of campaign performance.
  • Optimizing Campaigns with Slingshot: The capabilities Slingshot brings to analyze data, drive informed decisions, optimize campaigns, and enhance ROI, showcasing the tangible benefits of a unified marketing data ecosystem.


About the presenter

Casey Ciniello

Casey Ciniello is the Senior Product Manager for Reveal and Slingshot at Infragistics, leveraging over ten years of expertise in product development and strategic market positioning. Holding a BA in Mathematics and an MBA, Casey combines her deep analytical skills with a robust business acumen to drive innovation and growth. At the helm of Reveal, an advanced embedded analytics platform, and Slingshot, a comprehensive data-driven work management tool, she has been pivotal in shaping their market strategies, enhancing product features, and leading cross-functional teams towards successful launches. Casey’s leadership and forward-thinking approach have significantly contributed to solidifying Infragistics’ presence in the tech industry, aligning product capabilities with customer needs and emerging market trends.