Infragistics Partner Program


Why become an influencer?

As an industry Influencer, you provide critical architectural, design, development and solution advice to your customers.  You are a trusted advisor and your customers look to you to direct them to the best approaches using the best tools, design solutions, data visualization, and mobility solutions to meet their project needs. Being an Infragistics product user and expert, you know that Infragistics products provide cutting edge UI design and functionality with a superior user experience that give solutions that differentiation that your customers demand.  As an Influencer Partner, when you influence your customer to use Infragistics products, your recommendation is rewarded. Beyond this, the Partner Program gives you the tools, information, and support to be successful. You have access to new product and feature release information and training to help you to be successful in your opportunities. 

What is the benefit of becoming an Infragistics Partner?

Infragistics Partners receive extensive benefits that help them build and drive their business, including:

  • Special Incentives
  • Access to Infragistics’ Partner Central
  • New product and release collateral
  • Training
  • Infragistics Partner Logo for display on your properties
How to become a partner

We would love to hear from you. Simply click on the button below to contact a Partner Account Manager who will provide further detail about the Infragistics Partner Program.