Infragistics Announces Partnership with Software Development Times Publication

The Leader in Software Development News to Work Side-by-Side with Infragistics

CRANBURY, N.J. - JUNE 21, 2018 – Infragistics, a worldwide leader in providing tools and solutions that accelerate design, development, and collaboration, has entered into a partnership with Software Development Times, the global leader in news pertaining to software development.

Partnership between the two was forged due to the efforts and impact that they have both had on the developer community over the years. For just under thirty years, Infragistics has brought powerful productivity tooling to developers who are building applications for web, mobile, and desktop applications. With flagship products like Ignite UI for Angular, the Ultimate 18.1 suite, and Ultimate UI for WPF, Infragistics has fostered an environment built around high-performance UI controls, configuration tooling, and rapid prototyping.

SD Times was launched in 2000 and has had overarching influence on developers and developer management with its publication that has reached the number one spot in the software development market. The publication continually reaches over 200,000 project leaders, architects, and managers across 119 countries. The monthly newspaper presents in-depth reviews pertaining to issues the development community experiences and provides critical information on IT industry trends and thought-leadership.

"This partnership between Infragistics and SD Times, with a 20-year history in publishing to software development managers, will extend the breadth and depth of our coverage of developing applications for the web, including such technologies as JavaScript, AngularJS and React, among others, as well as the principles of UI/UX design and the tools that can facilitate work in those areas," said David Lyman, CEO of D2Emerge LLC, which publishes SD Times and the ITOps Times website. "The web is changing at a rapid pace, and this partnership will help SD Times readers stay on top of the latest technologies and trends coming to market."

Both companies are cross-promoting articles from one another that revolve around web development, Angular, React, and other major topics. SD Times will be writing articles that mirror the growth in Infragistics' updated products, highlighting Infragistics' work with Angular and Indigo.Design, a product built to bring together developers and designers. Furthermore, SD Times is to be featured on the Infragistics blog page, letting readers engage with SD Times' relevant articles and contributors page.

To engage further with their respective audiences, SD Times and Infragistics will also be cross-promoting on social media, via Twitter, email blasts, and newsletter appearances. In turn, to keep up-to-date with the latest information and news from Infragistics, follow the company on Twitter via @Infragistics.

About Infragistics
Infragistics is a worldwide leader in providing tools and solutions to accelerate application design and development, insights and collaboration for any organization. More than two million developers use Infragistics enterprise-ready UX and UI toolkits to rapidly prototype and build high-performing applications for the Cloud, Web, Windows, iOS and Android devices. Infragistics Enterprise Mobility solutions ReportPlus and SharePlus, give business users the latest advancements in self-service business intelligence and collaboration software. Additionally, Infragistics offers expert UX Services and award-winning support.

About D2 Emerge
D2 Emerge, located in Newburyport, MA & Melville, NY, is a 21st century media company that publishes, the monthly print and digital magazine SD Times and the weekly digital News on Monday newsletter for software development managers and their teams.

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