Infragistics Announces "The Big Game" Visualization

Top component vendor demonstrates analytics for Football and for Business

Cranbury, New Jersey– January 28, 2014 – Infragistics, a worldwide leader in helping developers build stunning apps, today announced a new application (SBViz) and a new type of chart that visualizes NFL football games – just in time for the “Big Game.” This chart has a clear translation to business applications as well.

Two Infragistics team members sought out to re-look at this data in a new way. They wanted to be able to look at each game in a visualization that would tell them at a glance what happened. In the course of a week, this new chart and application was born.

Tommy Rausch, leader of the creative team at Infragistics, explained, “Each game is split into 4 quarters and within each quarter, the ball is moved forward by a team. We looked at that idea and came up with a chart that shows how long each team had possession, what happened at the end of that possession and we quickly found this brand new way of seeing a game.”

Stephen Zaharuk, a lead developer at Infragistics, built the chart and the application. “I was amazed how quickly we were able to turn Tommy’s prototypes into a real application. I built it initially in our iOS controls. We have a tool that converts our controls across computing platforms so we’re going to have this new chart control available across all of our platforms including Windows Forms, HTML5/Jquery, MVC, ASP.NET and WPF”, said Stephen.

The applicability of this visualization to business scenarios is very clear. As in football, most companies operate on quarters – fiscal quarters. And most companies are monitoring progress – but instead of watching a football, they are wanting to visualize the progress of a product or salesperson. And with this new visualization, it’s as easy to see the performance of Marshawn Lynch as it is to see the growth in Sales in 2014.

For businesses that want to visualize data in new and unique ways, Infragistics will be providing this patent pending control in upcoming versions of Infragistics Ultimate– for Web developers with HTML 5, for iOS developers with native controls and for ASP.NET, Windows Forms and WPF developers.

The iPad and iPhone versions of SBViz will be available on the Apple App store for free later this week and more details can be found at

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