Infragistics Continually Brings the Fastest Angular Data Grid to Developers

Experience a Grid with 50+ Material-based Components, High-Performance Charting, and Smooth Rendering

CRANBURY, N.J. - JUNE 13, 2018 – Infragistics, a worldwide leader in providing tools and solutions that accelerate design, development, and collaboration, is working closely with Google's Angular team to continually develop their flagship products, Ignite UI for Angular, Ignite UI CLI, and Indigo Design to Code Studio. The latest release of Angular 6 has sparked the Infragistics team to design new components and directives that enhance the library.

They've migrated the current library into an Angular CLI repository, tying the repository to the newest version of WebPack CLI. Furthermore, they've implemented an Angular CLI schematic to ensure that any update executed with the Angular CLI or with an Angular project in Ignite UI CLI also updates the Infragistics library. On top of this, they've added more features related to general scaffolding with templates and views for Ignite UI CLI.

The Infragistics Angular Data Grid was updated in the Ultimate 18.1 release with a virtualization directive that takes advantage of Google's push towards code minification and high-speed rendering. The Data Grid can handle millions of data points with a smooth render, allowing for large-scale data sets to be navigated easily with scrolling. With neither lagging in column headers nor waiting for data to appear, horizontal and vertical movement is seamless.

The newest components give developers an array of powerful formatting options for their data and the grid, as the financial and category charts allow for rich visualizations. Plus, with the FinJS partnership, Infragistics has incorporated extensive OpenFin OS support for financial charts and capital market applications. Other features like Column Pinning, Column Resizing, Theming, and Export to Excel add customization and data manipulation to make web and mobile applications responsive and user-friendly.

To make sure that developers have access to resources beyond the Data Grid like most Angular Data Grid companies, Infragistics offers the Ultimate 18.1 suite. The suite works as a single platform for UX design and enterprise application development for web, desktop, and mobile, while still giving access to Ignite UI for Angular. With a year subscription, one has access to 100+ high-performance grids, charts, and UI controls, plus visual configuration tooling, rapid prototyping, and usability testing.

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