Infragistics Delivers Self-Service BI at an Affordable Price for Any Device

With one single subscription at $99/year/user, ReportPlus delivers the ability to easily create, edit, and share rich data visualizations from the desktop and on iOS and Android devices. 

Cranbury, N.J. – July 11, 2016Infragistics, a worldwide leader in providing tools and solutions to accelerate application design and development, and workforce collaboration for any organization, today announced the release of ReportPlus, a cloud-based or on premise self-service BI and data visualization solution that allows users to see the metrics that matter most to their business in one place.

ReportPlus leads the mobile reporting market with robust features to create, edit and share rich interactive reports and access data on the go. With today’s announcement ReportPlus Mobile apps now ship with new features for iOS and Android, along with the newly available ReportPlus Desktop for Windows, ReportPlus Server for organizations looking to deploy Web-based self-service BI solutions, and the just released ReportPlus Embedded for ISV’s looking to create desktop, web and native mobile applications.

The amount of data available across every industry and job function has grown exponentially in the last decade. One partner, Branded Insights, works with companies all over the world to take data from disperate sources and put them in a decision ready format.

“My clients are finding tremendous business value when someone from the corporate office is able to share data insights with any branch of their company and insights for their specific location and team that they wouldn’t otherwise see,” said Gary Stubbs, founder of Branded Insights. “They also love being able to share reports via email on their mobile device or exporting to PowerPoint for a meeting, but the availability of ReportPlus on the desktop completes the circle of access, allowing my clients to create new reports and see their data in a decision-ready way wherever they are and whatever device they use.”

Infragistics believes that ReportPlus can shake up a market that is already undergoing a sea change. According to Gartner, sales of modern self-service BI platforms like ReportPlus grew 63.6 percent in 2015 to $926.5 million, while traditional, IT labor intensive, BI platforms fell 1.7 percent.

“The number of solutions being offered in the self-service BI and data visualization market is rapidly expanding,” said Dean Guida, Infragistics Founder and CEO. “Our goal is to make ReportPlus stand out in this crowded market by delivering tremendous value with our simple pricing model, by rapidly improving the product’s capabilities with monthly updates, and with our unique secure data handling model where we never store your data.”

ReportPlus now features:
• True Self-Service BI: Built by user experience experts and made for business users, ReportPlus is touch enabled to make it simple to create dashboards and tell a customer’s story within minutes. Features including; a familiar drag and drop to connect data sources, the ability to swipe and choose visualization types, saving dashboards on premise or in the Cloud, and one-click to share your data story with everyone, make it easy for anyone to get started.
• Data Sources: ReportPlus never stores customer data. Businesses can access and connect directly to their own data anywhere in real-time, including local Excel spreadsheets, on premise SQL databases and Hadoop Hive, or cloud services including: Dropbox, Google Drive, SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics, Flurry, appFigures and more.
• Interactive Dashboards: Users can choose from more than 20 visualization types to create robust dashboards and quickly style them with preset themes to customize colors and fonts, all without learning to code. This allows them to make sense of data sets of all sizes, realize trends and clearly inform the decision making process to advance their business.

To help new users get started with ReportPlus, Infragistics is also launching their Dashboard Concierge Program. Customers can join the program during their product trial by completing a simple web form at Qualified participants will receive a 1 hour session with an Infragistics Dashboard Concierge to assist them with:
• The basic concepts of ReportPlus
• Connecting and leveraging popular DataSources
• Creating transforming visualizations and dashboards

To get started with a free trial (no credit card required) of ReportPlus visit:
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