Infragistics Latest Ignite UI Release is a Complete JavaScript UI Component Library for Building High-Performing Responsive Web Apps

Infragistics Ignite UI features 100+ UI components for today’s most popular frameworks including JQuery, React and material-based true Angular components 

CRANBURY, N.J. – April 25, 2018 – Infragistics, a worldwide leader in providing tools and solutions that accelerate design, development, and collaboration launched the latest version of their UI toolkits for building modern and responsive web apps.  Ignite UI for JavaScript features a complete jQuery based UI component library for creating rich web, desktop, and mobile web apps with Angular, React, Bootstrap, ASP.NET MVC, Knockout and more.  Also included in the Ignite UI for Javascript subscription are more than 50 material-based true Angular UI components. Ignite UI for Angular, an “Angular only” product subscription is also available.     

The release includes new features for their Angular Data Grid, new Angular Chart components, and high-speed JavaScript / HTML5 and native Angular data grids and chart components designed for developers building applications for the financial services industry and capital markets.

Additionally, Infragistics continues its focus on developer productivity by evolving its Command Line Interface tools to help developer’s jumpstart their JavaScript and Angular applications. Also providing TypeScript to augment their JavaScript libraries along with a WYSIWYG Page Designer to drag-n-drop your way to a modern Web experience. Throughout the remainder of 2018, Infragistics will focus on innovating in the area of rapid app development; including, UI Kits for web and mobile app building, and delivering a design to code workflow. 

Fastest Grids & Charts for the Angular Developer

Ignite UI for Angular includes more than 50 best-of-breed Material based components – now with the fastest data grid & charting available.  All Angular components can handle large datasets smoothly with Infragistics Virtualization directive, are easily branded or themed through an intuitive API, and are optimized for both performance and detail level control.  Ignite UI’s Angular Data Grid has added several features including paging, header, cell and footer templates, editing cells directly or through a dialog box, column pinning, hiding, movable columns, column summarization, advanced sorting and filtering, and exporting to Excel, CSV, and TSV files.

New Angular Chart components include the lightweight, high-performance Financial Chart, and Category Chart. Display data in one of many chart types, including; line, area, column point, spline, step, waterfall and more.

Best of Breed UI for Financial Services

The release also introduces new grid and financial chart controls designed to be the optimal choice for any Capital Market application with their Ignite UI for JavaScript, and Ignite UI for Angular. Featuring support for OpenFin OS, an increasingly popular option to modernize financial desktops and enable instant distribution across multiple device types, these top performing, easy-to-use, data grids and financial charts are built to be the backbone of high-performance, high-volume data applications.

The new Financial Chart control for JavaScript and Angular is easily configured to display data using a simple API. Once data is bound, the chart will analyze the data and automatically choose the best series to represent data or select the series manually. Developers can explicitly specify the chart type to; bar, candle, column, and add a number of pre-built visual elements specifically designed for this market segment.  

The Complete Microsoft Excel & Spreadsheet Solution for JavaScript

The new Infragistics Excel engine features over 300 supported functions and is included with Ignite UI for JavaScript. Developers can enhance the capabilities of their Data Grid with conditional formatting, table creation with filtering, and add the ability to Export to Excel. Alternatively, add a Spreadsheet control to their next JavaScript application and provide users with the most popular manner to manipulate and view data.

There are a few options to install Ignite UI for Angular, and also several pricing options. For non-commercial use, Ignite UI for Angular is available via Open Source for free under the Apache 2.0 license, Ignite UI for Angular is $695 per developer for an annual royalty-free subscription that offers of the 50+ Material-based Angular Components, and Ignite UI for JavaScript is $899 per developer for an annual royalty-free subscription that includes Ignite UI for Angular as well as the full jQuery based toolset with extensions for Angular, React, Bootstrap, Knockout & ASP.NET MVC. All options come complete with source code.

Developers can download a free 30-day trial and get started with hands-on tutorials, how-to guides, and sample code along with UI controls and more at


Jason Beres, Sr. Vice President of Developer Tools, Infragistics: “During our work with our global enterprise customers we continue to see an increasing demand for JavaScript and native Angular tooling.  With our latest developer tools releases we are providing the tools and components that are requested most frequently, along with enabling web developers to build better performing apps more quickly.  I’m excited to get these Ignite UI releases into the hands of our customers.”

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