New Reveal Embedded Analytics/Dashboard Platform Reduces In-House Development Time By 85%; Adds Impressive Data Visualizations to Apps

Reveal produces powerful analytics and stunning data visualizations through the cloud, desktop and mobile

CRANBURY, N.J. - AUGUST 13, 2019 – With the launch of its new Reveal embedded business intelligence platform, Infragistics makes it easy for users to interpret, visualize, and share relevant insights from an organization's data.

Reveal can reduce in-house development time by 85% and cut development costs by as much as $350,000 (based on average U.S. salaries) by letting developers use pre-built components designed by UX and analytics experts. Development time savings are based on seven months—an average time for a vendor to build their own analytics and visualization capability—versus an estimated one month to embed an existing analytics/visualization product.

"Reveal is optimized as a developer, cloud and mobile first solution," says Jason Beres, Senior VP of Developer Tools, Infragistics. "We built it using modern technology and native toolkits for web, desktop, iOS and Android. This allows users to create beautiful dashboards on one device and easily share it with others who can experience the exceptional beauty on any other screen or device."

SuperStream Inc., a long-time, global user of Infragistics' business intelligence tools, noted about the Reveal release:

"We've been really happy with Infragistics' embedded analytics tools over the years. We are excited by Reveal's beautiful data visualizations and drag and drop simplicity," said SuperStream Chief Technology Officer Makoto Yamada.

Software Vendors Say Embedded Analytics in Demand
The use of data is exploding in businesses, government, and nonprofits, and many ISV's, CTO's and marketing executives say that embedded analytics add great value to their apps. Surveys have shown that over 90 percent of software vendors report an increase in competitive differentiation because of embedded analytics.

With Reveal, enterprises can embed the dashboard/analytic engine into their SaaS or on-premise apps with containerized deployment and a micro-service architecture for scalability and performance. DevOps teams have the flexibility to use Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Google Cloud or any private or public cloud.

Reveal includes dozens of data connectors, as well as an in-memory data cache that delivers fast dashboard rendering. This makes it easier to get insights real-time and in context while removing the need for users to navigate away from the ISV's application to view, edit or even create new dashboards. Additional features—sharing dashboards, annotating them and exporting them to common formats such as PDF files and PowerPoint slides—deliver a collaborative experience for sharing data across the organization.

Reveal's key benefits include:

  • Superior Customer Experience
    Reveal's modern architecture was designed to enable a true self-service solution. With drag and drop simplicity, Reveal lets users create, edit and share dashboards without the need for a data analyst. When users self-serve, they gain control and become more productive with the app.
  • Fast, Easy Integration
    Many embedded BI vendors insist their ISV customers use the vendor's proprietary cloud platform to host their app. This requires a cumbersome and complex series of imports and exports across multiple applications in an environment that is unfamiliar to ISVs. With Reveal's SDKs, developers can use their own resources—either a private server, a desktop, or their own cloud environment.
  • Modern UX
    Reveal adds a new, modern UX to apps that includes engaging, informative and eye-popping visual dashboards that help transform the user experience of an app.
  • Increased ROI
    Software vendors face constant pressure to improve and differentiate their app to reduce churn. In an age of free trials where users often "try before they buy," the apps that succeed will be those that are "stickier" — the ones that give users more value the more they use the app. Easy-to-use analytics within the context of the app creates this stickiness.

Novel Pricing: Fixed and Predictable
Infragistics is offering Reveal for one simple, fixed price—setting a new level of transparency in the industry. Many software solutions charge their app developer customers on a per-user or usage-based pricing model, making it costly for the developer as the app grows in popularity. Reveal's pricing is set: a one-time price of $90,000 for three years per application, or $40,000 annually for three years. A one-year price of $50,000 is also available.

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