Welcome to SharePlus!

SharePlus is a native mobile application that empowers your team to run business processes, work on documents on-premises or in the cloud, and analyze data all in one place. SharePlus offline capabilities allows you to continue working with your SharePoint content even offline. Changes introduced while offline are synchronized automatically with the server when the devices goes back online.


Create amazing charts and pivot tables from SharePoint Lists and Excel spreadsheets, or find the experts on your network using People Search and discuss your insights by sharing the charts. Be in sync with your team with by sharing Calendars, Task Lists, Contacts, and Issues, Discussion Boards and Announcements and storing content in MySite/OneDrive for instant sharing.

SharePlus is available for iOS and Android platforms and is offered in three different license models:

  • Free

  • Subscription

  • Enterprise

Note: this document refers to SharePlus for iOS only. For ReportPlus Android, please refer to the User Guide.