API Scenarios Samples

This section is your gateway to important conceptual and task-based information that will help you use the various JavaScript functions and functionalities provided by the SharePlusBridge.


The following table lists some of the available scenarios using JavaScript functions included in the SharePlusBridge file. Additional scenario information is available after the following summary table.



API Functions

Attaching files to an item

You can prompt the user to select a file and later add, update, or remove attachments from items.

Utility.pickDocument, List.addItem, List.Item.updateItem

Getting items from a list using a query

You can get the items from a SharePoint list by specifying a detailed query.


Persisting Mobile Workspaces Settings

Settings can be modified, stored in SharePlus, and later loaded when needed to., WebDashboard.Settings.load

Changing the sources of a SharePlus Mobile Workspace

You can change it permanently or temporary, depending on your needs.

WebDashboard.setSource, WebDashboard.navigate