Changing the source of a SharePlus Mobile Workspace


The WebDashboard.setSource and WebDashboard.navigate JavaScript API methods allow you to change your mobile workspace. Both methods require the same parameters and they are used in the same way, but they allow you to achieve a slightly different result.

  • With WebDashboard.setSource: Set a new source for your Application Home mobile workspace that will be persistent even if SharePlus is shut down.

  • With WebDashboard.navigate: You can jump to another mobile workspace temporarily. The source change will remain until SharePlus is shut down or you jump to another mobile workspace.


In the code snippet below, you:

  • Specify the static URL to download the file.

  • Set the sourceType property to specify that the source will be an URL.

  • Call the WebDashboard.setSource API from the bridge to set the new permanent source.

var source = ‘http://spdemo/demo/SiteAssets/MobileWorkspaces/‘;
var sourceType = 0;

function setDashboardSource() {
    SPlus.WebDashboard.setSource (source, sourceType, function () {

    }, function (responseError) {
        SPlus.Utility.showMessage('Save Settings Error', responseError['error#displayValue']);

The callback functions shown above are:

  • A success callback function, which receives no parameters and may not be implemented.

  • An error callback function, which receives a JavaScript object with the error description.


The WebDashboard.setSource API function only works for mobile workspaces that are included in the Application Home.