SharePlus Links Structure

The structure of SharePlus links always follows this order:

  1. The link starts with the scheme on the left-most of the URL (splus:// or spluss://).

  2. If applicable, it continues with the referenced resource. If invoking application actions, you do not need to include any resources.

  3. If you are working with dynamic webpages (.aspx), parameters can be included in the form of key-value pairs.

  4. SharePlus actions and their parameters (if any) are locate on the right-most of the URL.

Your resulting URL will look like the following one:

<scheme>://<resource URL>?<resource parameters><SharePlus action and parameters>

Note: A referenced resource may need a parameter named “action”. That is not an issue as SharePlus engine searches for the splus-action SharePlus link parameter. The action is deprecated but still works to avoid compatibility issues.