Site Home

The Site Home will be displayed when tapping a Site in the Content Module.


You can pre-configure this in the Configuration an existing Page.

Site Configurations

When working with Site Configuration (a.k.a. “MobileNavigation”), the Home property allows you to set a SharePlus Mobile Workspace as custom content for a site. In addition, you can configure one or more mobile workspaces for the same site. Your Site Home can contain a ZIP package (SharePlus Mobile Workspace), a PDF document, a ReportPlus dashboard or any content that can be rendered in a web browser.





Single line of text

To configure the site itself it should be set to “ThisWeb” or “ThisSite”.

Is Web


To apply the settings to a site (web) it should be set to “Yes”.


Single line of text

A list of values separated by comma. Possible values are: * A URL - to reference a ZIP package to be loaded. * A page name – referencing a PageName key value defined in the Pages section of the Configuration File. * “default” - to reference the default SharePlus site view, which is the native view that displays sub-sites, libraries, and lists.


Single line of text

A list of titles separated by comma, for each of the Home values specified in the Home field respectively.


Note: The “default” value in the Home column will reference the DefaultSitePageName key value if this value was manually changed in the Configuration File. Next, you can find two Home column examples using the “default” value:

  1. “default”

  2. “customPageName,default”

For further details about the MobileNavigation list, refer to the Site Configuration a.k.a “MobileNavigation” section in the SharePlus IT Administrator’s Guide.