Support Policies

Award Winning Priority Support

When it comes to support, Infragistics Priority Support is the best in the business. You get 24/5 worldwide support and a guaranteed response within one business day! No other component vendor offers this level of attentiveness. We also offer extensive support options that allow you to contact us on your terms: need to talk now? Give us a call. Does email work better for you? Our online help team is ready to help. You can also chat online with experienced developers, not customer service screeners. And if you want to investigate more by yourself, we offer interactive forums, extensive blogs, and step-by-step tutorials on our Video Page.

Priority Support also gives you full access to a customer support account, so you can easily login to see where your support tickets are in the system. And for those critical issues you may run into, we’ll work with you to escalate when needed.

Support Service Priority Standard Trial
  • Chat Support      
    24/5 Worldwide Support      
    Response in 1 business day      
    Providing guidance for implementing customer functionalities that are not built into the Infragistics controls      
    My Infragistics / Account      
    Provide guidance to assist customers with their needs working with Infragistics controls      
    Web / Online Support      
    Infragistics controls issue investigations. Requires a description of behavior (if possible) or an isolated sample application provided by the customer      
    Ability to download C# Source Code      
    Phone Support      
    Response Time 1 Business Day Response Guaranteed First Response in 1 Business Day* First Response in 1 Business Day*

Explanation of Support Service Levels

Priority Support applies to:

  • Customers who have purchased a current subscription with Priority Support
  • Customers who are part of our Enterprise Licensing Program.
  • Customers who have purchased our Test Automation tools for IBM or Micro Focus.
  • In addition to all of the Infragistics Support Benefits described above, you receive:
    • Guaranteed Rapid Response within one (1) business day,
    • Priority phone support during standard business hours,
    • Priority response time on Forum Posts (your posts are moved to the top of our internal queue),
    • Online chat support.

To ensure that you receive Priority Support for your online inquiries, forum posts, and online chat, please be sure to sign in to our website using the member ID to which your product key with Priority Support has been registered.

Standard Support applies to customers who have purchased a current subscription. In addition to all of the Infragistics Support Benefits described in the table above, it includes a first-response within 24 hours and subsequent interactions within 3 business days or less. (*based on daily volume of support cases).

Trial Support applies to all users of our products who have not yet purchased a subscription, but are evaluating our products during their initial trial period. Trial Support evaluators receive the same level of support as a Standard Support customer.

Forums are available to all Infragistics users to search and get answers to product and how-to questions. Current subscription and trial customers may submit questions and comments to the Infragistics Forums. Non-subscription holders are directed to Stack Overflow to submit questions.

Inactive Support Contracts are subscriptions that have expired. Developer Support services are no longer offered to inactive support contracts.

Inactive Products are product versions which no longer actively supported. Developer Support services are not provided for retired products. Please consult our Product Lifecycle for information on active, inactive and retired products.

See what some of our satisfied Priority Support Customers have to say

  • My company just purchased the Ultimate software package from Infragistics and I just wanted someone to know that your team has done an excellent job getting me up and running with your product. I have been looking at purchasing a product similar to this for months. I had 4 different products from various companies loaded on my computer and was evaluating them to decide which one to purchase. Your software, and moreover, your people that help with the support team and sales where head over heels better than your competition.

  • I put in a call today to your support team and was enlightened in numerous ways. First, your staff was a complete professional. He was considerate, kind and attentive. He did not stop researching our problem until he solved it. Being in IT for almost 20 years I rarely call support anywhere unless my back is against the wall and I am dumbfounded without a solution. I cringe before I call anywhere because usually I wind up giving them support or just hanging up in disgust and eventually figuring it out myself. Today’s interaction with your team has slightly altered my ways of thinking in terms of being apprehensive prior to a support call.

What is Support and What is Consulting?

Our Developer Support team is motivated to help you succeed, and we really want to help you. We’ll provide help for questions regarding installation problems, product functionality, programming issues, product usage issues, and will explain any Infragistics-related error messages you receive. We have access to the developers who have written the code, and will work with you to figure out what the issue is, and deliver a solution.

At the same time, cases involving design or planning for your application’s deployment, software development, code review, custom samples, implementation planning, and user experience and visual design are exactly what Infragistics Consulting Services Team can help you with. We can also offer support for Infragistics source code such as explaining the purpose of any source code, and troubleshooting or debugging modified versions of our source code. Learn more about such custom-tailored extended services on our Enterprise Development page and see how Infragistics Consulting Services can help you.

US Support Services Department EMEA Support Service Department
Phone: +1 (888) 448-0097 (in North America only)
+1 (609) 448-2000 (outside North America)
Monday thru Friday, 09:00-17:00 ET, excluding standard US holidays.
Phone: +44 (0) 8456 770 021
Monday thru Friday, 06.00-15.00 GMT.
Online Chat: Sunday 8PM EST thru Friday 5 PM EST, 24 hours a day. Online Chat: Monday thru Friday, 24 hours a day.