Deliver High Performance, FDC3-Enabled Experiences with Infragistics and OpenFin

When Performance and Security Matter.  There is no other choice.

Infragistics will allow you to create the fastest Angular HTML and WPF Data Grids and Data Charts on the Planet

The Fastest Grids and Charts for Capital Markets

When you need the best user experience with fastest Data Grids and Data Charts on the planet for Angular, React or WPF, Infragistics delivers. Coupled with OpenFin, you have the most modern financial desktop apps, enabling instant distribution, strong security and application interoperability. Solutions with OpenFin and Infragistics give your customers the best experience possible on the platform of your choice, backed by industry leaders.

Learn OpenFin with OpenFin Angular FDC3 Sample

Feature Complete UI Platform for Financial Services

With over 60 UI components and even more charts, in all the latest platforms, including the world’s fastest virtualized data grid. With no-lag, smooth scrolling for unlimited columns and rows of data, you have all the features you need for your modern FinTech apps.

OpenFin FDC3 Enabled Apps

Build low-touch, composite-based financial services desktop workflows with FDC3 and give your apps the chance to participate in the broader FinTech ecosystem. Infragistics Angular Data Grid, Angular Chart, React Data Grid and React Chart work seamlessly with FDC3, enabling you to deliver the best user experience to your customers.

OpenFin Angular Data Grid and React Data Grid

Build the most feature-complete and highest-performance OpenFin Angular Data Grid applications with Column level grouping, pinning, resizing, selection, hiding, Excel-style and advanced filtering, summaries, custom aggregates, inline-editing, full-text searching, sorting, inline-editing, Excel-style keyboard navigation and more. With complete customization over where your data comes from, and how it is presented in the Angular Data Grid and React Data Grid.

Microsoft Excel Features Your Users Expect

Deliver Excel-like capabilities in Angular and React with no dependency required. Read, write, import, and export, creating in-memory spreadsheets, exporting Angular Data Grids / Tables or React Data Grids / Tables to spreadsheets with full formula support, including ad-hoc reporting, dynamic chart creation, and more. All without requiring Microsoft Excel or Office 365.

Angular Stock Charts & React Stock Charts

Create complete FDC3 compliant interactive Angular or React charting and dashboard experiences with over 60 charts types – including stock charts and time-series charting. With tooltips, crosshairs, final-value annotations, custom callouts, mobile and touch support, and more in your data analysis experiences. With real-time, streaming performance in a canvas-based render for Angular or React using OpenFin and FDC3.

Infragistics and OpenFin FDC3 Adapters

Infragistics has simplified using OpenFin FDC3 in your Web Component, Angular and React applications. With Ignite UI for Web Components, Ignite UI for Angular or Ignite UI for React, you have a complete set of UI controls and components to build a complete FDC3-enabled financial desktop application. The Infragistics FDC3 package is designed around the FDC3 Data Adapter. The FDC3 Data Adapter abstracts the publish / subscribe that makes OpenFin and FDC work seamlessly together. Financial data for received FDC3 intents as well as sending messages to other FDC3-enabled apps is achieved using OpenFin FDC3 service. This FDC3 data adapter is a pure Web Component and can be used with Ignite UI for Angular Charts and Ignite UI for Angular Data Grids and Ignite UI for React Data Grids and Ignite UI for React Charts.

See Infragistics and OpenFin in Action

Build a High Performance, Interactive UX with Angular, React & OpenFin

Infragistics Ultimate Reference Apps

OpenFin FDC3 Angular Examples and FDC3 React Examples

Learn how to implement OpenFin and FDC3 in Angular and React. With the Infragistics OpenFin FDC3 examples and OpenFin FDC3 React examples, you will learn how to implement the FDC3 data adapter in your application, share FDC3 intents between Angular components, Angular apps or React apps. In a few lines of code, you will be up and running with FDC3 in no time!

OpenFin Angular FDC3 Example - Stock Trader App
OpenFin React FDC3 Example – Stock Chart App

To see these samples in action, watch this video of our presentation at OpenFin’s FinJS event in London!

Ignite ui react stock market fd3c sample

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers for Indigo Design

What is FDC3?

The mission of the Financial Desktop Connectivity and Collaboration Consortium (FDC3) is to develop specific protocols and taxonomies to advance the ability of desktop applications in financial workflows to interoperate in a plug-and-play fashion, without prior bi-lateral agreements. Using FDC3, it is easy to build micro-applications that are unaware of other FDC3-enabled applications yet each application can share data via the open FDC3 protocol.

How does FDC3 Work?

FDC3 is an open protocol and taxonomy that enables seamless communication between supporting applications via a publish / subscribe methodology. FDC3 includes 4 key elements:

  • API - Create a consistent developer experience by adhering to the API standard
  • Intents - Use standardized verbs to instruct other apps to take an action
  • Context Data - Share context between apps to eliminate re-keying and streamline workflow
  • App Directory - Discover trusted apps that can take part in a FDC3 workflow using an App directory.

Who Owns FDC3?

The Financial Desktop Connectivity and Collaboration Consortium (FDC3) was founded in 2017 by OpenFin and contributed to FINOS.

What is the Infragistics FDC3 Adapter?

This Infragistics FDC3 Data Adapter is an abstraction API layer over the FDC3 standard that greatly simplifies the developer experience for working with FDC3. The Infragistics FDC3 Data Adapter listens for or sends to the OpenFin application bus FDC3 intents and messages to other FDC3-enabled apps using OpenFin FDC3 service. This FDC3 Data Adapter is a dependency-free Web Component, with NPM Packages for Angular, React or Web Component applications.

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