Enumeration FinancialIndicatorType

Describes available types of marker than can be displayed by default by series with markers.

Enumeration Members

AbsoluteVolumeOscillator: 0

Absolute volume oscillator indicator.

AccumulationDistribution: 1

Accumulation distribution indicator.

AverageDirectionalIndex: 2

Average directional index indicator.

AverageTrueRange: 3

Average true range indicator.

BollingerBandWidth: 4

Bollinger band width indicator.

ChaikinOscillator: 5

Chaikin oscillator indicator.

ChaikinVolatility: 6

Chaikin volatility indicator.

CommodityChannelIndex: 7

Commodity channel index indicator.

DetrendedPriceOscillator: 8

Detrended price oscillator indicator.

EaseOfMovement: 9

Ease of movement indicator.

FastStochasticOscillator: 10

Fast stochastic oscillator indicator.

ForceIndex: 11

Force index indicator.

FullStochasticOscillator: 12

Full stochastic oscillator indicator.

MarketFacilitationIndex: 13

Market facilitation index indicator.

MassIndex: 14

Mass index indicator.

MedianPrice: 15

Median price indicator.

MoneyFlowIndex: 16

Money flow index indicator.

MovingAverageConvergenceDivergence: 17

Moving average convergence divergence (MACD) indicator.

NegativeVolumeIndex: 18

Negative volume index indicator.

OnBalanceVolume: 19

On balance volume indicator.

PercentagePriceOscillator: 20

Percentage price oscillator indicator.

PercentageVolumeOscillator: 21

Percentage volume oscillator indicator.

PositiveVolumeIndex: 22

Positive volume index indicator.

PriceVolumeTrend: 23

Price volume trend indicator.

RateOfChangeAndMomentum: 24

Rate of change and momentum indicator.

RelativeStrengthIndex: 25

Relative strength index indicator.

SlowStochasticOscillator: 26

Slow stochastic oscillator indicator.

StandardDeviation: 27

Standard deviation indicator.

StochRSI: 28

StochRSI indicator. Stochastic Relative Strength Index.

TRIX: 29

TRIX indicator. TRIple eXponential.

TypicalPrice: 30

Typical price indicator.

UltimateOscillator: 31

Ultimate oscillator indicator.

WeightedClose: 32

Weighted close indicator.

WilliamsPercentR: 33

Williams %R indicator.