Class CarouselHammerConfig



  • HammerGestureConfig
    • CarouselHammerConfig



events: string[]

A set of supported event names for gestures to be used in Angular. Angular supports all built-in recognizers, as listed in HammerJS documentation.

options?: {
    cssProps?: any;
    domEvents?: boolean;
    enable?: boolean | ((manager) => boolean);
    inputClass?: any;
    inputTarget?: EventTarget;
    preset?: any[];
    recognizers?: any[];
    touchAction?: string;

Properties whose default values can be overridden for a given event. Different sets of properties apply to different events. For information about which properties are supported for which events, and their allowed and default values, see HammerJS documentation.

Type declaration

  • Optional cssProps?: any
  • Optional domEvents?: boolean
  • Optional enable?: boolean | ((manager) => boolean)
  • Optional inputClass?: any
  • Optional inputTarget?: EventTarget
  • Optional preset?: any[]
  • Optional recognizers?: any[]
  • Optional touchAction?: string
overrides: {
    pan: {
        direction: number;
} = ...

Type declaration

  • pan: {
        direction: number;
    • direction: number
ɵfac: unknown
ɵprov: ɵɵInjectableDeclaration<HammerGestureConfig>


  • Creates a HammerJS Manager and attaches it to a given HTML element.


    • element: HTMLElement

      The element that will recognize gestures.

    Returns HammerInstance