Class IgxDividerDirective


  • IgxDividerDirective




id: string = ...

Sets/gets the id of the divider. If not set, id will have value "igx-divider-0";

<igx-divider id="my-divider"></igx-divider>
let dividerId =;
middle: boolean = false

An @Input that sets the middle attribute of the divider. If set to true and an inset value has been provided, the divider will start shrinking from both ends.

<igx-divider [middle]="true"></igx-divider>
role: string = 'separator'

An @Input property that sets the value of role attribute. If not the default value of separator will be used.

type: string = IgxDividerType.SOLID

Sets the type of the divider. The default value is default. The divider can also be dashed;

<igx-divider type="dashed"></igx-divider>
vertical: boolean = false

An @Input that sets the vertical attribute of the divider.

<igx-divider [vertical]="true"></igx-divider>


  • get inset(): string
  • set inset(value: string): void
  • get isDashed(): boolean
  • get isSolid(): boolean