Class IgxMonthPickerComponent



  • IgxMonthPickerBaseDirective
    • IgxMonthPickerComponent


activeViewChanged: EventEmitter<IgxCalendarView> = ...

Emits an event when the active view is changed.

<igx-calendar (activeViewChanged)="activeViewChanged($event)"></igx-calendar>
public activeViewChanged(event: CalendarView) {
let activeView = event;
hideOutsideDays: boolean = false

Sets/gets whether the outside dates (dates that are out of the current month) will be hidden. Default value is false.

<igx-calendar [hideOutsideDays]="true"></igx-calendar>
let hideOutsideDays = this.calendar.hideOutsideDays;
id: string = ...

Sets/gets the id of the month picker. If not set, the id will have value "igx-month-picker-0".

selected: EventEmitter<Date | Date[]> = ...

Emits an event when a date is selected. Provides reference the selectedDates property.

viewDateChanged: EventEmitter<IViewDateChangeEventArgs> = ...

Emits an event when the month in view is changed.

<igx-calendar (viewDateChanged)="viewDateChanged($event)"></igx-calendar>
public viewDateChanged(event: IViewDateChangeEventArgs) {
let viewDate = event.currentValue;