Interface IGridToolbarExportEventArgs

Represents the arguments for the grid toolbar export event. It provides information about the grid instance, exporter service, export options, and allows the event to be canceled.



  • IBaseEventArgs
    • IGridToolbarExportEventArgs


cancel: boolean

cancel returns whether the event has been intercepted and stopped If the value becomes "true", it returns/exits from the method, instantiating the interface

exporter: IgxBaseExporter

The exporter is a base service. The type (an abstract class IgxBaseExporter) has it's own properties and methods It is used to define the format and options of the export, the exported element and methods for preparing the data from the elements for exporting

grid: GridType

grid represents a reference to the instance of the grid te event originated from

Represents the different settings, that can be given to an export The type (an abstract class IgxExporterOptionsBase) has properties for column settings (whether they should be ignored) as well as method for generating a file name

owner?: any

Provides reference to the owner component.