Interface IGridEditEventArgs

Represents event arguments related to grid editing. The event is cancelable It contains information about the row and the column, as well as the old and nwe value of the element/cell




cancel: boolean

Provides the ability to cancel the event.

cellID?: {
    columnID: any;
    rowID: any;
    rowIndex: number;

Type declaration

  • columnID: any
  • rowID: any
  • rowIndex: number
column?: ColumnType

Optional Represents the column information of the edited cell

event?: Event

Optional Represents the original event, that has triggered the edit

isAddRow?: boolean

Optional Indicates if the editing cosists of adding a new row

newValue?: any

Optional Represents the value, that is being entered in the edited cell When there is no newValue and the event has ended, the value of the cell returns to the oldValue

oldValue: any

Represents the previous (before editing) value of the edited cell. It's used when the event has been stoped/exited.

owner?: GridType

Optional Represents the grid instance that owns the edit event.

primaryKey: any


since version 17.1.0 Use rowKey instead

rowData: any

rowData represents the updated/committed data of the row after the edit (newValue) The only case rowData (of the current object) is used directly, is when there is no rowEditing or transactions enabled

rowID: any


since version 17.1.0 Use rowKey instead

rowKey: any
valid?: boolean

Optional Indicates if the new value would be valid. It can be set to return the result of the methods for validation of the grid