Interface IIgrCalendarProps




activeDate?: Date

Sets the date which is shown in view and is highlighted. By default it is the current date.

activeView?: string | CalendarActiveView

The active view.

change?: ((s, e) => void)

Type declaration

children?: ReactNode
className?: string
disabledDates?: IDateRangeDescriptor[]

Gets/sets disabled dates.

formatOptions?: IgrCalendarFormatOptions

The options used to format the months and the weekdays in the calendar views.

headerOrientation?: string | CalendarHeaderOrientation

The orientation of the header.

hideHeader?: string | boolean

Determines whether the calendar hides its header. Even if set to false, the header is not displayed for multiple selection.

hideOutsideDays?: string | boolean

Controls the visibility of the dates that do not belong to the current month.

id?: string
locale?: string

Sets the locale used for formatting and displaying the dates in the calendar.

orientation?: string | CalendarOrientation

The orientation of the multiple months displayed in days view.

resourceStrings?: IgrCalendarResourceStrings

The resource strings.

selection?: string | CalendarBaseSelection

Sets the type of date selection.

showWeekNumbers?: string | boolean

Show/hide the week numbers.

size?: string | SizableComponentSize
specialDates?: IDateRangeDescriptor[]

Gets/sets special dates.

style?: CSSProperties
value?: Date
values?: Date[]
visibleMonths?: string | number

The number of months displayed in days view.

weekStart?: string | CalendarBaseWeekStart

Sets the start day of the week.