Interface IIgrComboProps



  • IIgrComboProps


autofocus?: string | boolean

The autofocus attribute of the control.

autofocusList?: string | boolean

Focuses the list of options when the menu opens.

blur?: ((s, e) => void)

Type declaration

caseSensitiveIcon?: string | boolean

Enables the case sensitive search icon in the filtering input.

change?: ((s, e) => void)

Type declaration

children?: ReactNode
className?: string
closed?: ((s, e) => void)

Type declaration

closing?: ((s, e) => void)

Type declaration

data?: any[]

The data source used to generate the list of options.

disableFiltering?: string | boolean

Disables the filtering of the list of options.

disabled?: string | boolean

The disabled state of the component

displayKey?: string

The key in the data source used to display items in the list.

filteringOptions?: IgrFilteringOptions
focus?: ((s, e) => void)

Type declaration

groupHeaderTemplate?: FunctionComponent<{
    dataContext: any;
}> | Component<{
    dataContext: any;
}, {}, any>
groupKey?: string

The key in the data source used to group items in the list.

groupSorting?: string | GroupingDirection

Sorts the items in each group by ascending or descending order.

id?: string
invalid?: string | boolean

Control the validity of the control.

itemTemplate?: FunctionComponent<{
    dataContext: any;
}> | Component<{
    dataContext: any;
}, {}, any>
label?: string

The label attribute of the control.

name?: string

The name attribute of the control.

open?: string | boolean

Sets the open state of the component.

opened?: ((s, e) => void)

Type declaration

opening?: ((s, e) => void)

Type declaration

outlined?: string | boolean

The outlined attribute of the control.

placeholder?: string

The placeholder attribute of the control.

placeholderSearch?: string

The placeholder attribute of the search input.

required?: string | boolean

Makes the control a required field in a form context.

singleSelect?: string | boolean

Enables single selection mode and moves item filtering to the main input.

style?: CSSProperties
value?: any[]
valueKey?: string

The key in the data source used when selecting items.