Interface IIgrDropdownProps




change?: ((s, e) => void)

Type declaration

children?: ReactNode
className?: string
closed?: ((s, e) => void)

Type declaration

closing?: ((s, e) => void)

Type declaration

distance?: string | number

The distance from the target element.

emitEvent?: any
flip?: string | boolean

Whether the component should be flipped to the opposite side of the target once it's about to overflow the visible area. When true, once enough space is detected on its preferred side, it will flip back.

id?: string
keepOpenOnOutsideClick?: string | boolean

Whether the component dropdown should be kept open on clicking outside of it.

keepOpenOnSelect?: string | boolean

Whether the component dropdown should be kept open on selection.

open?: string | boolean

Sets the open state of the component.

opened?: ((s, e) => void)

Type declaration

opening?: ((s, e) => void)

Type declaration

placement?: string | DropdownPlacement

The preferred placement of the component around the target element.

positionStrategy?: string | DropdownPositionStrategy

Sets the component's positioning strategy.

sameWidth?: string | boolean

Whether the dropdown's width should be the same as the target's one.

scrollStrategy?: string | DropdownScrollStrategy

Determines the behavior of the component during scrolling of the parent container.

size?: string | SizableComponentSize
style?: CSSProperties